Be vigilant! Six habits are easy to cause cancer.

Date: 2018-11-08
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Six habits are easy to cause cancer.

Habit 1: smoking

Smokers have a 20 times higher incidence of lung cancer than non-smokers. Lung cancer ranks first among cancer deaths, but lacks early diagnosis. 90% of lung cancer is related to smoking. The earlier smoking time, the greater the risk of smoking. At present, the best strategy to control lung cancer is to stop smoking, especially in public places. Citizen friends should abandon the old habits and do not smoke, do not advise smoking, do not respect smoking.

Habit two: unreasonable diet

Now the living standard has been improved. Some people pursue the enjoyment of taste blindly, and do not pay attention to the balance of intake. People who like meat and vegetables rarely have a higher incidence of bowel cancer than the average person.

In clinic, experts have found that many patients with digestive system cancer, especially those with esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, have a common characteristic, that is, they like to eat very hot food. Drinking alcohol, eating hot food, gobbling down food and so on all have certain burning and corrosive effects on the esophageal mucosa. When the mucosal cells have proliferative lesions, it is possible to further carcinogenesis.

Habit three: bad mood

Surveys show that most cancer patients have introverted personality, both cautious and sentimental, both silent and irritable. This kind of person encounters setbacks in life, serious psychological contradictions and conflicts, and is not good at self-relief and catharsis, depression and pain.

Psychologists define the personality of cancer patients as type C personality, and believe that people with this type of personality are susceptible to cancer. So keep yourself in a good mood every day. Optimism, cheerfulness and peace of mind can prevent the invasion of various diseases.

Habit four: lack of exercise

With the rapid development of the information age, people's physical labor is becoming less and less. There are cars, upstairs, elevators, office automation and housework socialization. It is suggested that life lies in exercise. Only exercise can reduce the incidence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer.

Habit five: home environment closed

Urban families have been renovated, and environmentally friendly furniture and building materials will volatilize a certain amount of toxic and harmful gases. The room should be ventilated frequently, especially in winter. In addition, when cooking, it is necessary to open early evening oil fume exhauster or exhaust fan to reduce the harm of oil fumes to human body.

Habit six: ignoring abnormal signals

Many tumors have early symptoms, such as dry cough, blood in sputum, chest pain and so on, or hoarseness with unknown causes should be vigilant against lung cancer and laryngeal cancer; progressive dysphagia, foreign body sensation in the esophagus or pain behind the sternum should not be vigilant against esophageal cancer;

Suspicious breast mass and nipple discharge in women are alert to breast cancer; contact vaginal bleeding and vaginal discharge are alert to cervical cancer; irregular vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, lower abdomen and lumbosacral pain are alert to endometrial cancer after menopause;

Dyspepsia, loss of appetite, unexplained emaciation, anemia and upper abdominal pain should be vigilant against digestive tract tumors; bloody stools, changes in defecation habits and characteristics should be vigilant against colorectal cancer; painless hematuria with unknown causes should be vigilant against bladder cancer.

There are little tricks to prevent cancer.

1, develop good habits, quit smoking and limit alcohol. Smoking, the World Health Organization predicts, if people stop smoking, five years later, the world's cancer will be reduced by one-third; secondly, do not drink. Tobacco and alcohol are very acidic substances. People who smoke and drink for a long time easily lead to acidic body.

2. Don't eat too much salty and spicy food. Don't eat overheated, overcooled, outdated and spoiled food. Old people who are weak or have a genetic disease should eat some anti-cancer food and alkaline food with high alkaline content as appropriate to keep in good condition.

3, have a good mentality to respond to stress, work and fatigue combined, do not fatigue. It can be seen that pressure is an important cause of cancer. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stress leads to overwork and deficiency of the body, which leads to the decline of immune function, endocrine disorder, disordered metabolism in the body, resulting in the deposition of acidic substances in the body; pressure can also lead to alleviation of Qi stagnation, blood stasis, toxic fire depression and so on.

4. Strengthen physical exercise, strengthen physical fitness, more activities in the sunshine, sweating can discharge acidic substances from the body with sweat, to prevent the formation of acidic constitution.

5. Regular life and irregular living habits, such as singing karaoke all night, playing mahjong and not returning home at night, will aggravate physical acidification and be prone to cancer. We should develop good living habits, so as to adhere to the weak alkaline constitution, so that all kinds of cancer diseases are different from ourselves.

6. Don't eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish and eggs, mouldy food, etc. Eat some green organic food, and prevent diseases from entering the mouth.

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