How much do you know about the current status of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases ?

Date: 2018-12-08
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The wound of life is the source of pain

• About 290 million cardiovascular patients in China

• About 500,000 cardiac arrests occur each year, and another 60% occur outside the hospital?

• The American Heart Association says: The ECG of patients with heart infarction shows signs before 7-21 days

• Professor Hu Dayi said: 90% of myocardial infarction can be explained, 80% can be prevented


Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can also cause medical expenses, as well as sudden death.


1. Long-term preventive measures:

1 advocate smoking cessation and alcohol.

2 prevention and treatment of diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia.

3 moderate activities (sports).

4 reasonable diet, scientific diet structure.

5 lose weight.

6 metabolic syndrome.

7 reduce pollution.


2. Pathological monitoring

1 remote ECG

Function and effect: That is to say, through long-term ECG monitoring, more than 90% of myocardial infarction and more than 70% of cerebral infarction can be found 7-21 days before the onset of the disease, and timely intervention. Reasonable management of chronic diseases can reduce emergency and hospitalization, reduce the number of hospitalizations, and save a lot of expenses, thus saving medical expenses and labor costs. Clinical studies on the effectiveness of mobile health services worldwide show that post-discharge remote monitoring can reduce the patient's overall medical costs by 42%, extend the doctor's time interval by 71%, and reduce hospital stay by 35%.


2 long-term monitoring of blood pressure

Controlling blood pressure is an important means of reducing the risk of death



The significance of Dynamic ECG Earphone Recorder on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

I can:

1. Congenital heart disease screening

2 daily heart rate monitor

3. The daily care outside hospital after surgery

4. elderly heart disease monitoring

5. Diagnosis and treatment recommendations

6. Protect personal privacy



• In-ear headphones, touch pads, ECG processors, integrated circuits, APP control software for patients with heart disease outside the hospital

• Single-guided, daily ECG rapid detection for limb leads, also for chest lead position detection


Advantage of ECG holter monitor:

1.Headphone cap is food-grade & medical grade latex. It’s safe and healthy

2. portable ecg monitor can simulate 12 leads, our test results with the doctor in the hospital to do the same test results. The doctor can compare one by one

3. In the wearable medical, intelligent ECG.

4. Standard body position make out test results more accurate. The result is the same as in the 12-lead hospital. So, we recommend lying down to do the test, the effect is better.

5. ECG Test result can share to anyone, Eg: You can share result to doctor.


Preventing problems before they can go back in time

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    ECG is the abbreviation of electrocardiogram, which means electrocardiogram, which means that the heart is excited by the pacemaker, the atria, and the ventricle in each cardiac cycle. With the changes of bioelectricity, various forms are drawn from the body surface through the electrocardiograph. A graph of potential changes.Ecg holter monitor is using to monitor the heart data.The significance of electrocardiogram examination is: for the examination of various arrhythmia, ventricular atrial hypertrophy, myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia and other diseases.The electrocardiogram is an electrical activity process that reflects the heart's excitement. It has important reference value for the basic function of the heart and its pathological research. FDA Medical CE ECG Recorder is ve...
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