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2019 - 09 - 02

User guides of Dynamic ECG Earphone Recorder

Whether the correct use of the ecg holter monitor directly affects the accuracy of the measurement results. Our products are Medical Level Lead ECG.The correct measurement results will help doctors give accurate feedback on your heart condition. Please follow the instructions to use correctly

  • 02 Registration

    and use

    Log in to register your account or contact us to request the registration number of the corresponding product. Please see the portable ecg monitorinstructional video for detailed use.
  • 01 APP Download Enter “RN ECG” OR “RN ECG Share” in the Android App Store (or Apple App Store) to search and download the ECG Recorder Software
  • 03 Diagnostic Background The user feeds the digital wearable ecg test results back to the diagnostic background, and the doctor will give the diagnosis results according to the test results of each diagnostic user and send them to the user.
Sophisticated life features
Sensing technology and communication technology. Through the recording and monitoring of real-time continuous ECG life information, we can enrich the diagnosis of heart disease and prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Innovation
    Out-of-hospital warning, remote dynamic ECG monitoring. Effectively monitor and reduce the probability of sudden heart disease

  •   Science Frequency Response: Square Wave,  Triangle , Wave Sine Wave ; Highly consistent with hospital-specific holter test results
  • Portable Headphone form, easy to take, high viscosity with users, easy to use
  • Versatile
    Support limb lead test
    Support chest lead test
    With all functions of bluetooth earphone

  • Transmission 
    Mobile app data transmission, collecting ECG data is not a fragment map. Meanwhile data is permanently saved. Expert will diagnosis in time. 

International top technical team support
  • Workshop Professional production workshop, professional production staff, make the multi Channels ECG  monitor more sophisticated
  • Mobile ECG Recorder Testing Professional product test engineers who have been in business for 35 years will use professional test equipment to test before the products are sent out. Ensure that the product output is accurate.
  • Design Headphone form design makes the user and the product more viscous. It realizes Wearable ECG Monitor. It also has the functionality of all Bluetooth headsets. Product design has already obtained a patent for appearance.
  • Remote ECG real-time monitor Record changes in heartbeat during normal life work and activities. Effective detection of various heart diseases. And it helps early diagnosis and treatment of some heart diseases.
  •  Real-time monitoring
    It can reach 72 hours, real-time monitoring. The measuring time 3 minutes or 30 seconds. And 
    product lifespan can reach 5 years.
Our Heart Rate Diagnosis ECG Analysis & Medical grade real and effective diagnostic data
Composition of ECG monitoring system: 
ECG ; APP ; Electrode patch ; Real-time ECG monitoring system ; Dynamic ECG analysis system ; Expert diagnosis
Dynamic ECG recorder is a professional medical grade product designed for hospitals. It major on monitoring congenital heart disease discomfort and arrhythmia detection. And laso for postoperative outpatient monitoring of cardiovascular patients.
Medical-level Bluetooth ECG Applications Diagnosis of common heart disease based on arrhythmia, body ECG waveform and heart rate measurement. The FDA Medical CE ECG Recorder can provide reference for medical staff diagnosis.
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